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Free Junk (cache) boost and secure your mobile.
Clean my phone is the app which clears all your cache which is causes of slow your android Phone. When you run game its take your phone memory and save files and consume for other process but after playing game the phone resource still occupied by the game. Clean my phone will clean your occupied memory and return to your android phone.
Booster will boost the memory by delete garbage files and also tell you information about your phone memory. Clean task is another module which works like to swipe left to delete the task with easy navigation. You can kill the task one by one or the button below with clean all unnecessary task which is running on background.
You can check internal memory info or external memory info by clicking on more tab. Show you memory remaining, memory in used and total memory.
This is real time protection of your phone from background process which is running and may harm your phone. Or can send your information without your notice.
Clean My phone is free and its altogether boost your Phone.

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